Dunn Lewis Foundation

(02) 4455 4626
141 St. Vincent Street Ulladulla, NSW 2539

Organisation information

Our Mission is to provide access to services and create new opportunities for all youth to live their best lives.

Our Vision is that all youth are able to live their best lives.

We aim to provide:

  • Trauma, grief and loss services.
  • Establish a Trauma Retreat for youth from all over Australia.
  • Opportunities for youth to enhance their social, personal & vocational skills.
  • Opportunities for young people to develop leadership skills.
  • Recreational facility for all youth where they feel comfortable and can nurture their talents.
  • A permanent memorial to those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks in Bali on 12th October 2002.
  • Foster a sense of family and community spirit by linking generations.
  • Cement positive connections within the community through the Complex’s construction and ongoing operations.